Archives and Non-Public Records

Offering Personal Records to Archives

A board of education (board) may offer its non-public records to Saskatchewan Archives Board but is not required to do so.

This is a particularly sensitive issue with regard to student records. There should be some clear indication that the items are of archival value before considering this option. Simply assuming that someday someone might be interested in the information contained in the records may not be sufficient to overcome the LAFOIP requirement that the documents be retained only for so long as they are required.

It is certainly possible to cull out certain documents, such as photographs, for example that may be of interest in the future and offer only those to Archives.

The Saskatchewan Archives Board is not required to take any documents offered by the board.

If the Saskatchewan Archives Board does accept the documents then Archives will become responsible for them, including dealing with any issues concerning access. The requirements of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which governs the Saskatchewan Archives Board, are very similar to LAFOIP and similar protection will be given to the documents.