Confidentiality and Privacy for Board Employees

Employees of the board of education (board) must not disclose any personal or confidential information they learn during their employment. Confidential and/or personal information may include both oral and written communications as well as electronic data such as information stored on computers. All records of personal information are protected by The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LAFOIP). All staff must comply with the provisions of LAFOIP.

All information learned during the course of employment by board employees should be considered confidential unless clearly identified otherwise.

Types of information that will be considered confidential and/or personal will include:

  • Information about students including:
    • registration and medical forms;
    • attendance records;
    • teacher reports;
    • special education;
    • consultant reports;
    • reports by support staff;
    • documents provided by parents or students;
    • memos of meetings with parents;
    • notes of observation by board employees;
    • emails to other staff or to parents about students; and
    • all other records prepared by or collected by an employee with regard to a student.
  • Employees must:
    • only collect the information required by the board;
      • all notes, memos, emails, etc. created or collected by an employee about a student are the property of the board. These are in the legal care and control of the board and are subject to board policy.
    • keep all information confidential and only allow access to¬† information in accordance with board policy and LAFOIP;
      • information can be shared with other board employees who require the information to do their jobs
      • employees must not reveal any confidential or personal information to outside parties, including parents, other agencies, and the Minister of Education, unless the employee has a clear responsibility to do so.
      • all information must be kept secure
    • dispose of personal and confidential records only in accordance with board policy on records disposal.

Confidentiality Policy

Each employee must review the board policy on confidentiality. Any questions about this policy should be directed to the employee’s supervisor.

Employees who violate board policy on confidentiality will be subject to possible disciplinary action, up to and including the possible termination of the employment contract.