Access of Individual Board Members

Personal Information of Board Members

As elected officials there is little expectation of privacy for board members with regard to the performance of their duties. Section 10(g) of the LAFOIP Regulations specifically provides that personal information, such as a name and office held, can be disclosed if it pertains to the “performance of any function or duty or the carrying out of any responsibility by an officer or employee of a local authority.”

Board members would be considered “officers” for this purpose and the publication of their names, any office they might hold or specific duties they are charged with, as well as details of remuneration and reimbursements of expenses paid to them can be accessed by the public. Their office contact information will also be accessible.

All other personal information of the board member is subject to the same protections under LAFOIP as employees or students. The same considerations and exemptions will apply.

The only contact information that should be provided to the public would be a contact through the board, not home phone numbers or addresses.

Board Member Responsibility

Board members will become privy to a great deal of records and information that are covered by LAFOIP, including personal information of employees or students, or information provided in confidence by third parties.

Individual board members who breach the provision of LAFOIP will be accountable for such breaches. For example, a person whose personal information is improperly disclosed may have a cause of action against the board member and/or against the board itself.

While LAFOIP applies only to records and documents, similar principles will apply to verbal information.