Disclosure About Graduation

Information about graduates, including names, photos, academic standing, awards and scholarships are personal information under LAFOIP and cannot be released without consent.

Requests for Lists of Graduates

Requests for lists of graduates from MPs, MLAs or other politicians or from community organizations should be treated in the same way as any other information request under LAFOIP. A list of graduates would qualify as personal information pursuant to sections 23(1)(b) and 23(1)(k). The names of graduating students must not be released unless there is consent from the students.

If consents are obtained, the information can be supplied to the applicants on the understanding that it will be used solely for the purpose of sending a congratulatory message.

Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are invitational events just as all other school events. The school can restrict who may attend. This is the case even when the event takes place off school property.

Publishing the names of graduates in programs for graduation exercises does not require consent. The event is a closed school event – publication is limited and solely for school purposes.

If members of the media are invited to ceremonies they should be informed that it is their responsibility to obtain any consents that may be required for publication unless the board otherwise advises. If the board has obtained consents from graduates for disclosing of information, their names can be shared with the media. A form asking students if they agree to have their names and/or other information disclosed to specific parties is one way to address this issue.