Disclosure of Newsletters

Limited Circulation

If newsletters have limited circulations that are controlled by the school, there is a reasonable expectation that school-related information will be included in the newsletter. In that case section 27 of LAFOIP would apply which allows the use of personal information for purposes consistent with the purpose for which the record was collected.

Parents can be advised of the types of information that will be contained in the newsletter – upcoming events, student achievements and class projects. The parents can then be told that their child’s first name or picture might appear from time to time unless they advise the school that they do not consent.

When publishing information about students in newsletters, boards should never give information that might disclose, even indirectly, sensitive personal information such as addresses or phone numbers of students. Using the last names of students should be avoided.

Internet Circulation

If the newsletter is published on the Internet then personal information of students, including photos should not be disclosed without the specific written consent of the student or parent.