Disclosure on the Internet

The posting of personal information on the Internet by staff or students for school purposes will be a disclosure of personal information, no matter what forum is used. Such disclosure will be subject to regulation by LAFOIP.

Considering anything published on the Internet has such a wide distribution and is permanently accessible, even if it appears to be deleted, the utmost care must be taken to avoid disclosing personal information.

All staff and students must be informed of the procedures and protocols necessary for publication.

Policies will apply to all forms of Internet usage including class projects, student webpages and social networking sites used or promoted by the school. If personal information can be retrieved through an Internet connection or through some other method of electronic communication, appropriate safeguards must be put in place.

Use, access to, and disclosure of the information and protection of privacy must be assessed in the same way as if the information was stored in paper form.

Permission for publication of information on the Internet can be obtained when consent and/or registration forms are signed. Individual permission should be obtained for specific projects that parents would not likely anticipate. It could be included in a general permission such as publication on sites other than the school website.